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So I doubt this will be able to top silvermantra’s dream from a while back but this dream just came and stuck with me, which is unusual.  As the girl who forgets everything, trying to remember something like a dream isn’t very high on my priorities.  Alas, this one has embedded itself so I must tell the world! Or just  you…

So there’s this kid at my school (college) and we’ll call him Mo. He lives in this awesome dorm across campus from my friends and us.  

In the dream, it’s sunny and warm enough for t-shirts and shorts so we walk over to his dorm.  When we get there, he has this large freaking truck, like think a tahoe except twice the width.  and in the back, there’s just suitcases upon suitcases. 

Then, this tv announcer guy comes from no where, telling us that Mo has extremely fragile things in these suitcases, among them dry cleaned shirts that MUSTN’t be wrinkled.  Then Mo appears and seconds the sentiment.  He freaks out telling us not to wrinkle his kiosk clothes.

real world interjection: I work at the Union at my school and there’s a section of student workers called the “kiosks.” I’m not sure what they do but they get name tags that open doors and occasionally have to dress fancily.

back to the dream: so I don’t remember getting in the car to go anywhere, but somehow we end up at what I now recognize as the Pfister hotel.  Except it was really red inside, like everything had a really reddish tint to it. So I get there with this other girl whose face I can’t make out the entire time but for some reason I “know” that she’s asian. but anyway, so suddenly we’re handed what some guy tells us are some of the kiosk outfits from Mo’s suitcases.  We go to try to find a bathroom/changing room, but the girls bathroom and dressing rooms are being cleaned and guarded by a really creepy janitor who won’t stop staring at us. 

we run from the creepy man and everything fades and suddenly we’re in the outfits. i tell the other girl that i’m going to find Mo or someone who can tell us what we need to do.  she says okay and i leave. because i have no idea where i am, just walking in circles, finding mirrors and rearranging my outfit.

i’m not sure how long this goes on because suddenly i’m singing along to LMFAO in my head and smelling bacon.  I literally woke up saying “party rockers in the house tonight…” and wondering where i might acquire some bacon.  so yeah.  

this is as weird as my dreams get.  most of my dreams involve me going to class, going to the mall, or reading something i’ve never read.  I once had a dream that i read some book for high school we never got to.  I don’t remember what i made up for a plot but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay off.  okay. now california girls is on the radio. ha ha. it’s a friend’s favorite song. not really. she hates it. 

okay. now i’m off to find a source of bacon. I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

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