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okay one more and i’m done with this

That’s such a lie…

but anyway:

about the capitolcouture.pn website,

we have no idea how this is set up. i mean, we don’t know if it’s case sensitive, whether it means to take only numbers, if it’s space limited (it takes in a maximum number of characters, say 5, and makes extra ones blank spaces, making the password incorrect), or if it is multiple words, and if, if it is multiple words, whether or not it needs spaces between the words, etc.

There are many unknowns. We don’t even know if the password is related to the hunger games.

Here’s what we do know: this may have to do with server use but the site spends longer time deciding on guesses than others. for example, “Peeta” and “peeta” cause the page to reload quickly. But words like “quell” and “always” make the site think a bit longer.

you know how some websites, like tumblr, use programs like reCAPTCHA to make sure that users and password guessers are human? i wonder if this website could be run through a program that would guess words. it would probably take a while to run through though. you’d need every combination of letters from ‘a’ to ‘zzzzzz….’ however many spaces it allows. that alone would require 26 different choices for each character space, going up to the limit. that’s a large number. and that’s not to mention the words and names and concepts specific to hunger games. guh. i’m sure someone will write / find a program to run the site through and come up with the password.

on the other hand, we are very active fandom. perhaps we’ll just come up with it on our own. i hope so.

Well goodbye and may the odds be ever your favor.

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